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Madison White

 Madison White and Alex Bauman began working on the script for the spring show weeks ago. Always a highlight of the spring semester, the
 show includes the entire fine arts department - band, choir and theater.

 “I waited until my senior year to do it, to really get involved in the writing of it,” said White. As a band member, she’s been an active member of
 the show every year, but writing the script was a whole new challenge.

 The group works together to write the script, design costumes and sets, choose music and cast actors, all in the space of a few weeks. It was
 clearly a topic she was excited to talk about, as she described the theme they had been developing, one dealing with dreams and nightmares.
 Somehow that seemed appropriate to what we’re all going through now.

 It didn’t take long to figure out there was a whole lot more to the story, however. I asked Madison how she felt knowing this show may never
 happen, or that she may not get to go back to school this year.

 “It’s....well, it’s disappointing,” said Madison. “That’s the word I’ll use. I’m disappointed, I’m very disappointed about it. I’m gonna miss prom,
 senior projects, my last day of school.”

For her senior project, Madison chose to paint the pavillion at the Selmer City Park with her mentor, Jeff Kelley. She admits she chose it because it would be easy and not too time-consuming, but also because it was something she saw that needed to be done. She has completed her product, and has only the presentation speech left to do.
Madison is enrolled in the dual credit Pre-Calculus class, so she’s no stranger to online learning. “I know some people like it, but I’m one of those who wouldn’t choose to do it this way,” she said.

“I want to be able to actually learn from my teachers, it’s just not the same doing it from video. You have to figure out so much stuff on your own.”

Madison will attend the UT McNairy County center next fall to major in nursing. She plans to transfer to UT Parsons to finish so she can earn an RN degree.  Madison’s mother underwent a bout with breast cancer a couple years ago, so I asked if this was her reasoning for choosing her future career.

“Not really, I just like to help people. I want to help people. I don’t think I could be an oncology nurse, I just couldn’t handle the emotiional stress of that, but as an anesthetist I’d be in surgery all the time. I’d like that.”

A few minutes into the interview, Madison revealed she was on break from her job as a delivery driver at Domino’s in Henderson. I asked if she had any concerns about working during this time, or how her parents felt about it.

“We have some precautions we follow,” she said, as she explained how they attempt to do a ‘contactless’ delivery. “I’m saving money for a laptop for college, so I really want to keep working. I’m not so scared for me, or even for my mom - she didn’t have to do chemo, so her immune system is okay - but my stepdad has to stay well so he’s able to go back to the boat when it’s time.”

By the time I finished the interview, I have to admit I was impressed and more than a little teary-eyed. I have no doubt that Madison will go on to represent us well in her future - she’s been involved in multiple activities at MCHS, maintained a high GPA and has her future goals clearly in mind. Madison is one of the good things we need to hold onto and remember about the year 2020.