Use the MS Word template here to begin your invitation list. Save the
template to your computer or flash drive. The template is for the
Avery 5160 label, available at Wal-Mart for under $5 in packages
of 300. These are to be used on your outer envelope only; the
inside envelope should be handwritten.

View the video of instructions:


Use TAB to move from one label to the next. To add another page,
put your cursor in the last label (lower right) and hit TAB. A new page
with the same label setup should appear. The page(s) can be printed
on plain paper while you are collecting your list, and the final version
printed on label paper. You CAN change fonts if you prefer something
fancier; just remember to check that the addresses still fit inside
the label cell. This is 14-pt Baskerville Italic.