2017 Deadline: Tuesday, Feb. 28 @ 3:00
Turn all photos in to Mrs. Lisa Chandler in E220

The Senior Slide Show is a tradition of MCHS in which the members of the senior class are highlighted in a pictorial set to music.  The show is revealed at the beginning of the junior-senior prom in April.  Seniors may order a copy of the finished version on DVD, which they will receive as they leave the prom.  Sale dates will be announced later.  Students should follow the given submission guidelines to be included in the show. IF YOUR PHOTOS DO NOT FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES BELOW, THEY WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE SHOW.

Photo submissions may be submitted in the following ways:

1. Prints - in a manila envelope or ziploc bag with the students’ name and homeroom teacher clearly identified on the outside.  Prints should be clear, not too dark, and preferably not cut into shapes. Please make sure these photos are clearly identified.  Write a “1”, “2”, etc on the back of each photo. TURN ALL PHOTOS IN TO MRS. CHANDLER IN E220.

2. Digital - Photos MUST be of high enough resolution to use. Only jpg format can be used. Photos should be named “lastnamefirst1”, “lastnamefirst2”, etc.(example: DoeJohn1, DoeJohn2, DoeJohn3, etc.) Photos not named properly will not be used.

  1. CD - Do not turn in a Wal-Mart (or other store) cd.  The cd should contain only the images to be used and will not be returned.

  2. Email - photos can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please do NOT take pictures of photos with a phone; these will not be clear enough to use.

Family photos should not be submitted.  If the only photo a student has is of them with a sibling or siblings, the photo will be used but other family members will be cropped out if possible.