What is Library Club?

The Library Club promotes activities that will bring students into the library, sponsors fundraisers that raise money for the purchase of library materials, and works in the library when it is open. Membership is open to anyone but earned by fulfilling all requirements. Meetings are TBA and you are required to attend for continuous membership. The Leadership Committee will consist of two (2) leaders and one (1) representative from each class chosen by election.


  • Membership requires each student to read one (1) book from MCHS Library - Must read at least one book this semester. The book can be one read for a class assignment (excludes Summer Reading Books).
    A brief personal review and a star rating must be written about the chosen book. Once completed, turn in the review to Mrs. Vise or a leadership committee member. The review and star rating will be used in the library to help others choose books.
  • Membership requires each student to participate in at least two (2) Library Club Events - Members must fully participate in at least two Library Club events. There are five Library Club events that you may choose from.
  • Membership requires each student to have at least five (5) service hours in/for the library - Service hours must be pre-approved by Mrs. Vise. Service hours must be documented by Mrs. Vise. Service hours may include but is not limited to:
    -planning and prep for a Library Club event.
    -work done in the library.
    -work done that benefits the library.
    -decorating the library for holidays.
    -making signs and flyers for events.


  • Crush on Crush (formally known as CandyGram)
  • Food/snacks for Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Freshmen Orientation representation
  • Elementary School Reading
  • MCHS Library’s End-of-the-Year wrap-up


$15.00 (includes membership and club t-shirt)


The Leadership Committee:

Leader 1: Matthew Ashe

Leader 2: Carly Bryant


  • Elizabeth Duncan
  • Paige Jackson
  • Faith Bizzell
  • Noah Vise
  • Morgan Moore