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New Faculty: Vern Mehr

Vern Mehr began teaching in February of 1980. He has taught at Hardeman County, JMCS, Fayette County, Shelby County, Pathways in Education, Augustine School and the CCA prison system. In addition, he taught or currently teaches higher education at Union University, STCC, Concorde Career, W TN Business, U of M, Visible School, and JSCC.

He has taught many subjects and grades, and is presently teaching college English.  At MCHS, Mehr teaches Bridge Math, Algebra II, and Geometry. 

Mr. Mehr is a graduate of Selmer High School, though he attended two other high schools before that. He was involved in wrestling and student government in high school. After graduation, he earned his bachelor’s degree at Union University, then completed graduate work at Memphis State and Trevecca. He worked his way through college, leaving little time for extracurricular activities.

Mr. Mehr feels he is called to be a teacher, and plans to encourage his students to reach higher in all aspects of the study.

Mehr married his high school sweetheart, Vina, “a lifetime ago,” as he says. They have four sons: Chris, Jonathan, Adrian, and Ben. Jonathan is the Mechatronics teacher at MCHS, and his wife Jennifer teaches history.