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Your First Week of School

This is the week we've been waiting for since.....well, forever it seems! 
After an extra three weeks of summer, school is finally going to start!  We want you to hit the ground running, as they say, and be ready for a great year!  Want to know more about what's happening each day this first week? Read on to find out!

MONDAY, August 19

ONLY freshmen (that's 9th graders) will attend today.  It is a full day, meaning 7:50 - 3:06.  Students will gather in the Commons when you arrive. Parents please drop students off at Entrance #4 (if you went to school here more than 10 years ago, you know it as the Metals Entrance). That's also where you'll pick them up in the afternoon.  When the tone sounds, freshmen will move to the Little Theater. From there, you'll be sent out with your homeroom teacher to go take care of some business like information sheets, where your locker is, student ids and agendas, and stuff like that.  You will get a copy of your class schedule at some point in here, so make sure you're listening for instructions about that.  You'll also have your school picture taken, so don't forget to brush your hair and wear a nice shirt.* These photos will haunt you the rest of the year, as they'll be on your email and gradebook account, your school ID, in the yearbook, and anywhere else we need to show your pretty face. You'll want to bring $10 for your homeroom teacher to cover the cost of your student agenda and ID.  You can also pay it on Wednesday if you forget it today, but don't wait too late.

After every freshman homeroom has sat before the camera and taken care of all the paperwork, you'll go through an abbreviated form of your daily schedule: 1st block, 2nd block, 3rd block, etc.  Each class will meet for approximately 45 minutes, long enough for you to find out where the class is located, and talk with the teacher to find out about any supplies needed.  At the end of the day, you'll be dismissed to the buses first at 3:06, then car riders at 3:10.  The bad new is, your summer reading is due this day, whether you have English in the fall or the spring.  The good news, you get to sleep late one more time on Tuesday, as you don't come back to school until Wednesday.  Oh, and one other thing, you can buy your Blue Nation Membership during lunch today.  For just $25, you get in to ALL home football, basketball and baseball games ALL YEAR LONG!  Add another $10 and you also get your very own Blue Nation Tshirt to wear when you come to said ballgames. How cool is that?

After school, the golf team will travel to Bolivar, and the girls soccer team will travel to Scotts Hill, but you can start getting in the school spirit by showing some support for our Lady Volleycats who will play a home game against Madison at 5;00 in the gym. 

TUESDAY, August 20

Pretty much the same as Monday, except it's only for upperclassmen (that's 10th, 11th & 12th graders).  Homeroom first to get paperwork, policies and handouts. Don't forget you'll have school pictures made, too - unless you're a senior who had senior pictures taken with Mr. Waller this summer. If you didn't take senior pictures, you'll need to have a picture taken for your ID. An announcement will be made for those seniors to go to the library.  Same goes for drop-off and pickup - use Entrance #4, entering at the main gate, and exiting around E-pod to go down the hill.  Remember to purchase your Blue Nation Membership today at lunch as well.

The afternoon has a little more opportunity for you on Tuesday.  The golf team will play a home match at Shiloh Ridge at 4:00, Volleyball hosts Scotts Hill at 5:00, and girls soccer hosts Wayne County at 6:00.  Theoretically, you could see a little bit of all three if you watch the clock, and drive carefully, but it's probably better to pick one and see the whole game.

WEDNESDAY,  August 21

It's the first day for the whole family to be together!  When you arrive at school, you'll hangout in the Commons until the first bell rings at 7:45 am, YEP, that's 7:45 am!  Students will move to 1st block, and will be tardy if you arrive to class after 7:50.  We will go back to homeroom on Wednesday to turn in all that paperwork you received on Monday or Tuesday.  The rest of the day will be a normal schedule with 3rd, 4th and 5th block.  Blue Nation Membership still on sale at lunch.

Nothing scheduled on Wednesday, so you can go home and take a nap today.

THURSDAY, August 22

It's a regularly scheduled day!  Today will be the first time you'll go to your regular 2nd, or skinny, block class and you'll find out a little about what to expect in there for this year.  We are really going to work hard to improve our ACT scores across the board, so you'll definitely hear a little something about that, but there are several other opportunities you'll find out about as well.  Blue Nation Membership still on sale at lunch.

Thursday afternoon will see the golf team play a match at Pickwick, volleyball hosting Hardin County at home at 5:00, and girls soccer traveling to Sacred Heart Academy at 6:00.  

FRIDAY, August 23

If you're made it this far, you can make it a few more hours and you'll have completed your first week of this school year!  First of all, it's BLUE & GOLD DAY!!! The Bobcats will play their first game of the season, and it's at home, and it's against Hardin County, and we want to see EVERY BODY wearing their school colors ALL DAY LONG!  We will have our first PEP RALLY during skinny block, so we want to HEAR YOU!  Seniors, are you going to show these freshmen how it's done? 

Make sure you're planning to come back to The Hill for the game on Friday night. It starts at 7:00, but you'll want to get there a little early so you can get on the field and warm up with the Blue Nation, as well as forming the spirit line.    Remember, if you've purchased your Blue Nation membership at lunch this week, you'll just need to show your little ID card at the gate to walk right on in!

That's a wrap for week 1!  Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it, and I'm sure I've left out a few things like band practice, volleyball practice, and just hanging out in the parking lot for a few minutes to catch a glimpse of your favorite guy/girl, as the case may be. Whether this is your first week at MCHS, or your last first week, let's get ready to have a great year!  See you bright and early all next week!