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Teaching as a Profession

The Career-Technical Department has developed a new curriculum for students interested in a career as a teacher.

The program began in the 2020-2021 school year, offering Teaching I and a Practicum. Teaching II has been added this year. In the Practicum, students get to intern for about an hour each day in a classroom at one of our feeder schools.

Mrs. Molly Stanfield teaches the course, and is excited about the activities her students have been involved in so far.

Melissa Williams, School Social Worker, talked with the students about the social and emotional issues students face that affect their performance in the classroom.

Students toured the UTM Selmer Centerl to learn about the Education Program offered there.  They were able to learn about the program from Dr. Youngerman and Dr. Joyce Swan.

Dr. Delise Teague, former MCHS teacher and TN Teacher of the Year, spoke with students about the education profession and Blue Mountain College.

Students worked with Pre-Kindergarten through 1st Grade students at Selmer Elementary School on various activities such as painting vests, reading books, and Thanksgiving projects.