Cheer tryouts for the 2017-2018 school year were held on March 17. There were 28 young ladies selected,
with 12 on basketball and 16 on football.

BASKETBALL: (Front) Katie Allen, Brittany Montgomery (Middle) Telesia McIntosh, Tya Ellis, Breanna Howard 
(Back) Madison Bond, Carianna Blanton, Makayla King, Morgan Turner, Kailyn Burkeens, La'Una Lusk, Justice Whitley

FOOTBALL: (Front) Mary Grace Hunter, Ana Grace Ashe (Middle) Hunter Ferguson, Cana Grace Smith,
Maggie Whitaker, Jessica Sellers, Allison Roberts, Ashlyn Smith, Madalyn Pearson (Back) Hailey Essary,
Abagail Ashe, Paige Morris, Katie Craig, Kaitlyn Kirk, Mekyland Williams, Analyn Maxedon