2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

Join a class by sending the following message to the phone number 81010:

@mchscats19 @mchscats20 @mchscats21 @mchscats22


  1. Open a new text message.
  2. Enter the number "81010" as the recipient 
  3. Enter the message above for the class you want to join (include the "@")
  4. You will receive a confirmation message


  • Reply "unsubscribe@mchscats___" (where ____ is the year of the class you joined) to the message you receive OR send the message to the number 81010;¬†Can unsubscribe at any time

You CAN join more than one group; if you have more than one student at MCHS, join the group for each of their grades. You will only have to join ONE time.

The groups will remain until they graduate. For example, if you join the "freshmen" group, you will continue receiving texts until you either send "unsubscribe@mchscats22" to cancel the service, or until your student graduates from MCHS. Senior groups are deleted two weeks after graduation