Congratulations to the following seniors:

Miss MCHS - Rachel Pickens

Mr. MCHS - Lucas Hively

Most Athletic - Caitlyn Bodiford and Hunter McCullar

Best All Around - Alicia Burns and Jakob Harris

Best Dressed - Callie Hodge and Sheldon Williams

Cutest Couple that Never Was - Rachel Pickens and Lucas Hively

Most Talented - Kimmie Davis and Haydn Nash

Bluest Blood - Cana Grace Smith and Logan Baker

Done Most for MCHS - Anna Kate Crenshaw and Stone Teague

Most Likely to Succeed - Janavee Patel and Jack Simpson

Most Likely to Be Remembered - Breanna Howard and David Wu

Fun & Flirty - Jayli Ferguson and Dylan Hunt

Teacher's Pet - Natalie Adams and Dawson Dickey

Most Likely to Hang Out in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot - Ashlyn Smith and Gage Willis

Most Likely to Stick Around - Taylor Carroll and River Hurst

Most Likely to Travel the World - Laini Plunk and Ricardo Collado

Best Shoulder to Cry On - Daisy Murry and Matthew Washington

Most Original - Jalaysia Herring and Garrison Jones