Mr & Miss MCHS – Cole Miller and Katie Turner

Who’s Who:

Most School Spirited - Vennie White and Katie Allen

Stuck with Senioritis - Lucas Greer and Alyssa Moore

Class Clown - Na’Sir Ellis and Bethany Bennett

Most Likely to Stick Around - Clint Isbell and Maggie Holmes

Most Athletic - Kylin Wynn and Katie Turner

Most Dependable - Matthew Ashe and Isabella Gray

Most Involved - Mason Harrison and Ana Grace Ashe

Most Talented - Konnor Davis and Claire Foret

Teacher’s Pet - Connor Jones and Jamie King

Best Dressed - Josiah Sanders and Paige Jackson

Would Do Anything for a Retweet - Jaden Derryberry and Abi Melton

Most Likely to be Remembered - Benny Amaya and Reyna Dickey

Most Likely to Succeed - Kalib Strickland and Layla Brothers

Biggest Transformation Since Freshman Year - Trevor Wilson and Gabby Forsythe

Fun and Flirty - Tavion Luster and Mary Grace Hunter

Best All Around - Cole Miller and Grace McMahan