The McNairy Central BotCats, Inc. robotics team, sponsored by Mrs. Robin York and Melissa Maness is at it again! Following the August 26, 2015 kickoff for the 2015 BEST Robotics Competition, the thirty member, student lead, team started their labor of love. With a box of materials issued by the BEST Robotics organizers, and under the supervision of the team’s CEO, Senior, Kristen Rowsey, they have worked tirelessly for the past forty days to complete all tasks.

The marketing division will be competing on Oct. 2, 2015. This part of the BotCats team is comprised five students from each specialized department. They will be “selling” their product, the robot. They will be dressed to impress as they exhibit their skills of public speaking, software manipulation, and true knowledge of their product. The points actually start when we arrive that evening with sportsmanship. The robotic competition will not begin until the next morning at “The Hump” auditorium located on the MSU campus. The competition’s tasks are to be complete in 3:00 minute round.

Strategy is key. There is a “pit” crew of builders who know this robot. They can correct issues between the rounds. No sponsor is allowed in this area. The pit crew, drivers, and spotter will be thrust into real time issues that they will be required to solve. The experience is phenomenal! This cannot be taught in a textbook!

As each year, this BotCats, Inc. team is expected to give the teams at MS. BEST a run for their money. All of this would not be possible without their sponsors. A sincere thank you to the following families and business for your support during phase one of our competition fundraising: The Warren Family, Matthew Maness, Mid-South Farmers Co-op, NEO Products, Redmon & Redmon, Thyssen Krupp Elevator, Trinity Medical, Food Giant, U.S. Donuts,  and Maness Farms. If you have not had an opportunity to donate to The MCHS BotCats, and would like to be on a winning team please contact Mrs. Maness at 731-645-3226. Please keep up with us as we travel and compete on our FaceBook page at MCHS BotCats. Inc.