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Thirty MCHS students will have their names added to the “ACT Bench” in the school library for having met the requirements.  Students who meet the state benchmark in all four areas of the ACT on a single exam are recognized by having their name engraved on the bench. Students who have reached this accomplishment are Natalie Adams, Kelly Apuzzo, Sammy Bakeer, AnnMarie Bowers, Alicia Burns, Kim Davis, Sarah Davis, Jakob Harris, Callie Hodge, Jarrett Horner, Allison Jones, Claire Kelley, Kaitlin Kirk, Ian Mehr, Tanner Parmely, Madelyn Pearson, Alex Peden, Leb Pennington, Laini Plunk, Braden Rickman, Elijah Staggs, Emma Tull, Matthew Washington, Anabelle Whitaker, Michael Wilder, Clay Worthey. NOT PICTURED: River Hurst, Cole Kirk, Trevor Mangrum, Bobby Peters.