We here at McNairy Central High School recognize that cell phones are an important part of our lives. They are used for communication, work, entertainment…they are an amazing device that most adults have with them at all times.

Over the past few years, school personnel have attempted to manage cell phone usage in the school to the best of their ability. Balance was necessary – especially with the onset of Covid-19 – so that students and teachers could continue the educational process…especially in light of social distancing and quarantines. Cell phones were seen as a necessity when computers and networks were not accessible.

However, the newly issued Chromebooks have eliminated the need for cell phones in the school. Students have access to their Chromebook, the necessary network resources, and Google Classroom at school. The Chromebook is all they need to fully participate in class activities.

In light of all this, some students are still on their cell phones in ways that are not helpful to the learning activities at MCHS. Students are spending time in class on social media, gaming, and other activities that distract them from learning material that is being presented. Because of this, the faculty and administration feel that a change in cell phone policy is necessary.

Our revised cell phone policy is as follows: • Students may use their cell phones during meal service (breakfast and lunch), between classes, during break, and before and after school. • Students may not use their cell phones during class without being given permission from their teacher. • For the purpose of this policy, smart watches and ear buds fall under the same rules as cell phones. • If these guidelines are not followed, the following consequences will be given: o 1st Offense – Verbal Warning o 2nd Offense – The student will power their phone off and place it in a clear container on the teacher’s desk. The phone will be given back to them at the end of class. o 3rd Offense – The student will be sent to the office, will power off their phone and place it in a container in the office. The phone will be returned to them at the end of the day. o If a student continues to violate this new policy or refuses to comply with this new policy, they will be placed in ISS. Students in ISS for violation of this policy will turn their phone into the office and it will be returned to them at the end of the day.

We appreciate your support of this new policy. Again, we realize that cell phones are an important part of our students’ lives…as they are ours. It is necessary, however, to realize that there is an appropriate time for their use. I think we can all agree that if our students are going to receive the most from the instructional process, distractions should be eliminated to the greatest extent possible. I believe this is why some workplaces either limit or prohibit cell phone use.

Thank you for your support of MCHS.

Jerry L. Pyron, Ed.D.
McNairy Central High School

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